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Serendib Hotels, having grown steadily since its launch in 2014 has become a leading name in Malawi’s hospitality industry. For some it’s a world of adventure, to others a relaxing abode. Whether you seek a haven of rejuvenation, an ideal business destination for corporate events, a venue for personal functions, or a place to simply enjoy a relaxed day with your family, Serendib Hotels has something to offer to everyone.

Our hotels and resorts are designed to be unique and original. Striving to provide an authentic and memorable stay that comes together by the group’s expertise in the hospitality industry. We provide unique experiences in each of our hotels, from the rooms along the beach to the views of the city, the jungle and the horizon. So take your pick and we’ll deliver. With a passion for style and an eager desire to provide personalized and intimate experiences, we are genuinely committed to delivering consistently high levels of services at every point of contact with our guests.

Serendib Hotels and Resorts ,”Your gatetway to hospitality ” with 6 distinctive destinations in the “Warm Heart Of Africa”.




Serendib Suits and Conference Centre

Lotus by Serendib

Heritage by Serendib

Blue Waters by Serendib

Kambiri by Serendib

Zaburi by Serendib

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