Dear Valued Customers,

As you are aware the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has been declared a pandemic. Serendib Hotels and Resorts has swiftly moved to adopt WHO and Ministry of Health guidelines to ensure that our guests and people’s health remain paramount in the course of doing business amidst this pandemic. Serendib Hotels and Resorts would like to assure its Stakeholders that we are doing everything possible to ensure that prevention and containment of the disease are key at this time. We are closely monitoring the situation and adopting precautionary measures to ensure everyone’s well-being.

A Business Continuity plan is in place, to ensure that there are no service disruptions should we have a confirmed case, but also outlines the plan within the Group on how to deal with the pandemic. A Coronavirus Response Management team has also been set up to drive the response initiative across our Hotels and Resorts. We are in the process of screening with the collaboration of our medical service provider in all our units. Furthermore, we have set specific floors for self-quarantine as guided by the Ministry of Health.

Our people have been educated on the disease, prevention measures, and what actions to take should there be a confirmed or suspected case in any of our Hotels and Resorts. They have also been educated on measures to take should they feel sick and suspect themselves of having contracted the disease. Daily updates will also be provided to our people through the Coronavirus Response Management team to ensure that our people are abreast with everyday changes in managing the outbreak, in order to better assist our guests. As part of preventive measures, we have installed Hand Sanitizers at various customer touch points in places like the arrival areas, restaurants, bars, meeting rooms to ensure that customers are continuously sanitizing. Our people are also making sure that these customer touchpoints are continuously being sanitized as part of the preventive measures. Serendib Hotels and Resorts is also implementing social distancing in our meeting places as part of preventing the disease. We would like to assure our valued customers that we will continue to closely monitor the situation, with the primary aim of ensuring that the health of our customers and people remains a priority.


There are many ways to show affection to the ladies and just staying in touch does not cover much. March with us through the month of March as we give your perfect match that royal touch at our hotels and resorts. After all it is a women’s month.

Be it your sweet mother, your beautiful bride, those adorable sisters of yours, Bluewaters beach resort is the place. Located in Salima, this is the ideal destination to remind you ladies on just how special being a woman is. Spa treatments that will revitalize the mind, body and soul are always a special treat as they are not found anywhere else in Senga Bay, but Bluewaters.

Ladies!! Ladies!! Ladies!! It’s your month demand class, it is what you deserve.

See you soon!!!


Heritage hotel our pride that has roots stemming back to the country’s colonial era with some of the finest accommodations with the 41 rooms. This colonial hotel at the same time executes a classic ambiance to stay true to its roots. It is one of the few remaining structures built in the early Twentieth Century and has undergone extensive renovations to reveal a hotel that stands true to its name.

The Balmoral restaurant, symbolic for being of lavish etiquette and an elevated sense of hospitality stands true to its name. Signature Continental Cuisine is perfectly and carefully crafted by the Executive Chef to ensure that as guests go back into time in the colonial ambiance their palates are infused with the present and the future with delectable dishes.

Heritage Hotel Meetings and Events venue can accommodate 10 to 100 delegates. The beautifully landscaped gardens are an oasis in the heart of the bustling city which has an ideal backdrop for many outdoor events.

Le Croissant Coffe Shop and Patisserie at the Heritage Hotel is a rewarding spot to sip a well-earned cup of Satemwa Coffee or Ceylonese Tea to unwind the day. Freshly hot baked French baguettes, variety of breads, croissants, pastries and gourmet sandwiches complemented with special coffees makes it an ideal worthwhile visit.

Mangunda River Cruise

This beautiful vessel, is docked in Liwonde on the Shire River. The top deck is perfect for soaking up the sun, and seeing the abundant wildlife come by water’s edge for a drink or nibble on the lush green foliage found on the rivers bank. The middle deck comprises a lounge, bat, kitchen (the galley) and the wheelhouse. There is a 360 degree walk around the middle deck with secure railings for the ultimate viewing experience.

Enjoy an enlightening sail through Liwonde National Park where you can experience the abundant wildlife and vast nature. Packages for business meetings, cocktail parties and celebratory functions are available.


Liwonde National Park is in Southern Malawi, Southeast of the capital Lilongwe. It runs alongside the Shire River and part of Lake Malombe. Rough tracks and footprints offer views of wildlife such as elephants, hippos and endangered black rhinos. River, grassland and woodland habitats are home of crocodiles, leopards and antelope. Rich birdlife includes rare species like Pel’s fishing owls and Lilian’s lovebirds. With around 400 species recorded. Liwonde is one of the top bird watching sites in Malawi.

There is a variety of Game to view which includes waterbuck, impala and bushbuck, and the birding is excellent. In the center of the park a protected area provides a heaven for the black rhino, buffalo and zebra which are being reintroduced to the park.

Kambiri Beach Resort

Kambiri Beach Resort nicknamed the “rock coast” has the largest private, picture perfect postcard beach front ideally located in the fishing village of Senga Bay. It is an ideal resort for sun seekers to escape for a summer holiday with promised sun, sand and beach throughout the year. Kambiri beach resort is filled with natural wonders to explore and behold.

The hotel’s 51 accommodation facilities are spacious, comfortably furnished with breathtaking views of the heart of Lake Malawi. In addition to offering easy access to the lake, the rooms boast a contemporary amenities that ensure all daily requirements of any discerning traveler are met.

The meetings and events facilities which comprise of modern equipment can accommodate 10 to 500 delegates.

The facilities which are spread out at this beach resort can be customized for any meeting or event supported by an attentive team to ensure flawless service.


Serendib Suites and Conference Centre has always been your go-to place if you want tailor made packages for your accommodation needs. Here is another exclusive offer for our valued customers who are traveling and plan on staying longer at our suites. Be it you are taking an early holiday or you are conducting a survey, you mention it, and we are here to take care of you. Family rooms are also available, so no one has to stay back at home for the sake of cutting costs, oh yes!! We have you covered. To spice it up we added an option of self-catering, to make you feel more at home, after all no one gets homesick when they are already home right? For body treatment and relaxation we have an in house spa and sauna. We have this and many more just for you, only at Serendib.


Are you in Blantyre or planning to be here soon? We have the right destination in mind for you. At the Balmoral restaurant we will give you an exclusive experience that will remind you of home or better, give you a taste of the new experiences with our amazing theme nights throughout the week. How about a Wednesday night maybe? For a true Malawian taste. We have a wide variety of dishes and snacks that reflect what a warm heart of Africa really is. Drop by and ask for a Mang’ina, my favorite and you will be crushing all Wednesday night. What about the famous fresh chambo from the freshwater lake of Malawi, vegetables mixed with groundnuts (Masamb otendela), local chicken, Okra (thelele) and nsima of course. Local snacks like Mandasi, Chigumu and Zitumbuwa are also available which you can easily wash down with Thobwa, a locally made juice by Balmoral restaurant.

If you are too occupied during the week days, don’t stress about it, we also came up with something that suits your schedule as you start your weekend and for the weekend as well. After a long busy week, how about a special Indian night. Our wide menu covers for all you Friday cravings, which include butter chicken, Mutton Vindaloo, Yellow dhul and steamed rice. You don’t feel like eating like that this Friday? Then perhaps Tandooli chicken, corn tikka or an Indian mixed salad. Everything that you order from the menu comes with raw veggies, bread roll and butter on the side.

Weekends end in haste and so they should not be wasted. Do not worry because we at Balmoral restaurant make it our specialty to make your weekends even more special and that is why on Saturday nights we roll out the well outlined Chinese menu. We serve starters like salt and pepper chicken or vegetable spring rolls before you take the main course. The main course comes in with exquisite choices. You can have pepper chicken, spicy ginger szchuan, vegetable choy suey, stir fry bok choy, Chinese fried vegetable noodles or Mongolian rice. You might also want to try our tasty soups that come in two varieties; sweet corn and egg drop. We also have an Asian style cabbage slaw salad for the night. After the main course makes sure you also try out the cream caramel and fruit platter desserts. Remember all the meals at Balmoral restaurant are served with raw veggies, bread rolls and butter.


The festive season is here, you want to look good and feel good as you celebrate it? Then Serendib suites and conference center will take care of you. We have executive conference rooms to accommodate board meetings and also the iconic serendib wellness spa that offers royal treatments like royal serenade body treatment and royal foot treatment. You can also relax your body with our deep tissue massage treatments as well as a hot sand massage. We did not forget the couples, and for that, we have a special package because we know you want to be together all the time during this festive season.

That is why we have a special purifying treatment for the couples done as you are side by side with your partner by our caring therapists. Try this and it will strengthen your love as you enter the New Year. If you are having back problems you will need try our specialized back pain relief treatment performed by our well qualified therapists. On top of that, we also offer other purifying treatments like body polish skin renewal treatment and detox purifying body treatment.


The festive season comes with lots of functions and activities. No matter how big your function is or the turnout will be, Lotus Hotel has one of the biggest banqueting halls in Blantyre to accommodate you. Be it a wedding you have been planning for months, or maybe you are launching your outstanding product that needs a massive audience or you just want to close the year with your workmates in style with the biggest party ever, worry no more because as we said the turnout is not an issue at Lotus Hotel. We also know that some of you like to get wet as you party that is why we also have something that will satisfy just that. We have a swimming pool for you who like pool parties for your birthdays and reunions. This is just the right place for you when you are planning to stick around in Blantyre this festive season.


Sometimes it really is frustrating and exhausting to be in the bustle of city life. All the noise, traffic everywhere, you even lose track of whether you are coming or going. There is actually a perfect getaway not so far away to help you relax with a splendid range of outdoor adventures at Zaburi Beach Resort. We will spoil you so that when you are back on the long queues, all you will have in mind are the marvelous and extravagant memories your family and friends had together with you. Yes, you!! on Lake Malawi, such an amazing feeling. That’s not even all of it, because you can as well ride a bike on the beach, taking in all the freshness of the freshwater lake. The question is, how about that for a memory when you watch the sun go down at the Beach Club Bar at Zaburi Luxury Beach Resort?