The festive season comes with lots of functions and activities. No matter how big your function is or the turnout will be, Lotus Hotel has one of the biggest banqueting halls in Blantyre to accommodate you. Be it a wedding you have been planning for months, or maybe you are launching your outstanding product that needs a massive audience or you just want to close the year with your workmates in style with the biggest party ever, worry no more because as we said the turnout is not an issue at Lotus Hotel. We also know that some of you like to get wet as you party that is why we also have something that will satisfy just that. We have a swimming pool for you who like pool parties for your birthdays and reunions. This is just the right place for you when you are planning to stick around in Blantyre this festive season.


Sometimes it really is frustrating and exhausting to be in the bustle of city life. All the noise, traffic everywhere, you even lose track of whether you are coming or going. There is actually a perfect getaway not so far away to help you relax with a splendid range of outdoor adventures at Zaburi Beach Resort. We will spoil you so that when you are back on the long queues, all you will have in mind are the marvelous and extravagant memories your family and friends had together with you. Yes, you!! on Lake Malawi, such an amazing feeling. That’s not even all of it, because you can as well ride a bike on the beach, taking in all the freshness of the freshwater lake. The question is, how about that for a memory when you watch the sun go down at the Beach Club Bar at Zaburi Luxury Beach Resort?


 The words “Large and Awesome” is all that comes up when one is to talk of our iconic beach resort in Salima. Located on the Lakeshore of Malawi, Kambiri Beach Resort also comes with the largest pool in Senga Bay, such a marvel. Come visit us and be part of the renaissance, delectable cuisine from across the globe on offer. Every Bite tastes even better, just for you. Looking at what you deserve at this exotic getaway the “Kambiri Team” will always welcome you like you are home, because Kambiri Beach Resort is home. We at Kambiri Beach Resort have our arms wide open, waiting for you, because we believe Kambiri is what you deserve.